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Fueling and Management system

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LINK 44-S ECU (stand alone) - 02+ WRX, STI


The Link 44-S engine management computer is a must have ECU for the WRX owner planning on modifications beyond that of basic bolt-ons.  A plug and play solution, the Link 44-S ECU eliminates the pesky factory MAF sensor and uses the MAP sensor for load reference.  With 200 point fuel and ignition maps, the Link ECU retains full control over ignition, fueling, TGV’s.  The Link ECU also allows the control of boost pressure, cold start, closed loop, knock settings, air conditiong / cold start enrichment, as well as a host of other features.  Combined with the PC-Link the Link ECU is fully user programmable. 

Although slightly sacrificing fuel economy (most cars lose 5 mpg on avg over stock ECU) and cold start idle, the Link 44-S ECU is compatible with WRX’s seeking management of minor modifications to WRX’s making upwards of 500HP.  The Link ECU is found on many of the world’s fastest WRX’s.  Instead of looking at piggy-back solutions, which often rapidly fall out of tune or require additional ECU modifications to work properly (especially for high power applications), we recommend our customers seeking over 250awhp to purchase the Link 44S ECU as their enginemanagement solution.

Installation guide provided!

R.R.P 999.00

Scooby school price 849.00 including postage and packaging

Link ECU

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